Hello! I’m Auntie Fung, your favourite auntie from your neighbourhood, who can’t wait to take you along on my culinary journey. Near and far, from Myanmar to Japan, I’m taking you straight to the hub of culture and cuisine- the streets of Asia. I’m sharing the best of recipes that I picked up along the way and sprinkled some extra love just for you to enjoy. So come along and enjoy some hearty treats that are sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.


The home of comfort food- Myanmar! A blend of Chinese and Indian culture gives Myanmar a distinct flavour profile. One of my greatest finds during my trip around Asia was the Burmese Khow Suey.


The bedrock of Thai cuisine is the balance of flavours- sweet, spice, salty, sour and bitter. Although on the spicier side, the heavy influence of India on Thai culture is clearly reflected in its food. The curries of Thailand took me back home.


While Vietnam may be heavily influenced by the French and Chinese but it was only during my time there did I find my soul food- Pho. Vietnamese cuisine is purely dominated by rice and fish sauce, now there’s a culture I can get behind.


The hospitality in Cambodia and the love for street food were my favourite attraction during my trip. The subtle yet hearty flavours of Khmer cuisine is one worth falling for. A walk around the streets of Cambodia is fulfilling for the tummy and the soul.


The rich cultural heritage has weaved intricately into the food of Indonesia. The newly discovered food culture is one for everyone to explore, join me as I dive deep into the gorengs and satays of Indonesia.


Ramen from any Japanese street smells just as delicious. That’s my discovery during my trip in Japan. A country that combines rich history with modern life- the secret behind Japan’s culinary heritage is in its fresh ingredients.

South Korea

A booming trend across the globe, Korean food is certainly one to try. Eloquent delicacies like Ramyun and Korean wings, this cuisine has royalty cooked right in. The colourful culture of Korea is balanced in its texture and flavours.


From Beijing to Shanghai, the icon of Asian food is yet to be explored. Join me as I take a wok around China and explore the true nature of Chinese cuisine. I’m exposing Indians to Chinese food beyond the ‘Manchurian’.


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