Auntie Fung’s was born in 2015 in Bangalore with the vision of bringing the rich flavorful Asian street food to mainstream India in a healthy and hygienic, quick-service format. A street is where you will find the heart of a cuisine and its culture- Auntie Fung’s symbolizes that truly Asian essence.

The brand mascot is a quintessential lady (metaphorically a mother) from Vietnam, 52 years old with an ever-smiling face. During her younger days, she was quite a nomad, visiting countries across Asia, gathering all the local ingredients, flavours and recipes, to finally settle in India.

The menu is curated to be short, but eclectic with the choicest delicacies from Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia and of course China. The celebrated Khowsuey from Burma, Pho from Vietnam, Nasi Goreng from Indonesia, Bulgogi from Korea, Red and Green curry from Thailand are some the main course options which have helped the brand stand out from the crowd.


The Founders of Auntie Fung’s, both Subhradeep Bhowmik and Satrajit Das have known each other from childhood days. They’ve grown up in Kolkata, a city known for its gastronomical experimentation and refined taste, in everything that is creative, and gone to the same educational institutions, before both joined respective corporate careers. However, their friendship never waned – as their wives also know each other by virtue of working in the same company. Both the founders have been extremely epicurious. Their passion for discovering new flavours made them pick out every possible opportunity to travel, even when in the midst of their busy corporate life. In every country, no matter how inundated with work, they made it a point to discover local food. It was during one such exploration in Vietnam and Singapore when both families were vacationing together, that they were enchanted by the buzzing street food culture of these countries. Come sundown and the streets slipped effortlessly into a carnival of bonhomie, with a life and vibe of its own. The centrepiece of this carnival – street food. In one sweeping moment of realization, they knew what they wanted to bring home to India. Tossing the corporate suit to don the restaurateur hat seemed like just the thing to do. The result –

Auntie Fung’s Asian Street Food


Subhradeep Bhowmmik – Founder and CEO

A B.Tech (Electronics & Telecom), MBA (Mktg) with 11 years experience in Sales and BD in Technology, Financial Services & FMCG sector (TCS, GE, J&J). His key strengths are lies in his strong execution focus, people skills & determination make Auntie Fung’s – the biggest Asian QSR chain the world. His key business responsibility for Autnie Fung’s is on Overall Strategy, Sales & Business Development, Operations & Finance.


Satrajit Das – Co-Founder and COO

A BA Economics & MBA (Mktg) with 12 years experience in Consumer insights in F&B, FMCG & Telecom in Airtel, IMRB & Nielsen. His key strengths are lies in his thorough understanding of consumer preferences and attitudes, data analytics and a positive can-do attitude. He wants to make Auntie Fung’s a responsible QSR brand driven by consumer preference and data analytics. His key business responsibility for Auntie Fung’s is on Product Development, Operations, Marketing & Technology.


As Satrajit, Co-Founder of Auntie Fung’s says, “Starting Auntie Fung’s has been cathartic. The corporate rat race engulfs you in a hugely busy pace of nothingness and by the time most of us realize this – it’s too late. I don’t know where all the adrenaline came from but once I had found my calling, in one crazy whirlwind of a couple of months, the first Aunty Fung’s store was ready to welcome its first customers. A restauranteur’s life is far from glamorous – if you are passionate about it, it’s a 24*7 job. Yet when you shut shop at the end of the day having waved goodbye to a sea of happy stomachs and faces, it’s all worth it”

The biggest passion of the founders is food and they have made all attempts to make sure the food is fresh, healthy and at the same time making it value for money. Be it the imported sauces that are used or by clearly calling out the fact they don’t use MSG or added colours/ preservatives in their menus – instils a lot of confidence with customers to come try them again & again.